Rat Gate - Rodent Prevention System

A Rat Gate is a highly effective device that fits  into your drains with the simple purpose of keeping rats out of your property. 

The device is humane, poison free and environmentally friendly and manufactured in 4" (110mm), 6" (160mm) and 9"(225mm) versions that fit clay, plastic and cast iron drainage pipes. 

We now also offer a 1.5m installation pole, making installing Rat Gates even more effortless. 

What is a Rat Gate?


What are the benefits?


Only basic tools are required to install a Rat Gate.


Manufactured in 4" (110mm), 6" (160mm) and 9" (225mm) versions that fit clay, plastic and cast iron drainage pipe.


The Rat Gate includes a liftable flap mechanism, providing easy access for drain maintenance.


Once the device is installed there is no maintenance required other than a periodic check. 



Made from high grade laser cut stainless steel.


The device is humane, poison free and environmentally friendly.


How the Rat Gate works


The device opens with the direction of flow, which allows water / waste to pass effortlessly through the device, without allowing rats to push against it and gain access to your property.

The Rat Gate can be easily installed either by yourself or by a drainage contractor / builder. Click here to see for yourself just how easy it is. 

The Rat Gate is made using 100% stainless steel and its unique design means it cannot be dislodged accidentally.

What our clients say

"We have been fitting Rat Gates for the last two years and think they are a great solution for stopping rats entering properties. We have also found them very easy to install. 5* product".

-Tony, Warwickshire Drains and Plumming

"We have been fitting Rat Gates on a local council contract. They are an excellent, easy and quick solution, and stop rats in their tracks".

-Steven, Range Cleaning, Coventry

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"Fitting a Rat Gate completely fixed our customers rat problem".

-John, A-Line Drainage

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case study

"We got rid of sewer rats by installing 3 new stainless-steel rat-gates at the Hampstead Magistrate’s Court"

Click here to read the

case study

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