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How we make our RatGate Devices

RatGate devices are manufactured in Sheffield, using high-grade, laser-cut Sheffield stainless steel. Our commitment to using the best materials and working with a highly skilled workforce, ensures that our devices are built to last and perform exceptionally in all conditions.

The history of Sheffield steel dates back to the 18th century when the city became a leading centre for steel production. Known for innovations such as crucible and stainless steel, Sheffield earned its reputation as the "Steel City." This legacy of excellence continues today, and we are honoured to be part of it.

By choosing Sheffield steel, we believe that we are not only helping to uphold a tradition of unparalleled quality, but are also contributing to sustaining British industry and skilled jobs.
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The stainless steel is firstly cut and shaped by high precision lasers.

The devices are then crafted by hand by a workforce with decades of experience working with high quality stainless steel.

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The devices are then quality checked and laser engraved.

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