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Become a RatGate Partner

Founded in 2018, RatGate has positioned itself at the forefront of pest control innovation, bringing to the market a unique solution to an age-old problem – keeping rats out of properties.

RatGate’s patented non return valves are designed to fit seamlessly within drainage systems, allowing water and waste to flow freely, whilst at the same time stopping rats from pushing against them and gaining access to properties.

Part of the BPCA, RatGate is fast becoming the industry standard thanks in part to its patented liftable flap mechanism, which allows easy access to drains for maintenance purposes, a first, and only, in the market.

As either a retailing or fitting partner you will benefit from trade discounts based on your purchasing volume and frequency, personalised marketing assets (including brochures, social media pages, videos and blogs) and full client support via phone and email

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Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom


Benefits of Becoming

a RatGate Partner

  • Access to trade prices.

  • Personalised marketing materials (including brochures, leaflets, social media posts, videos, blogs and landing pages).

  • Full support via phone and email.

  • Simple ordering process.

  • Our knowledge and expertise in drainage and pest control.


UK Patent:


The RatGate Pole

Making Installation Effortless

To make installation even simpler, and to allow fitters to access tight drains, we developed the RatGate Installation Pole.


The RatGate Pole extends to 2.4m, with accessories available for fitting 4 inch and 6 inch RatGates.


The Market



Drainage Companies

Water Utility Companies

Pest Control Companies


Property Owners